About Us:  Our Mission

Our Commitment

Our mission is to be a trusted processing and manufacturing partner to all sides of the industry. From business-to-business to our business-to-consumer relationships we provide transparency, quality, & consistency which can be seen through our services, products and our everyday business practices.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

GLA would be nothing without our customers. From dispensary owners to general public, we are dedicated to high quality, transparency, and fair prices for all our manufactured products. Rest assured that we vet our intake of hemp from farmers and 3rd party test at multiple stages of the process. No matter why our customers use CBD, we believe with our strict processes in place we can guarantee high quality and safe products for the benefit of our customers.

Our Commitment To Our Farmers

Our business not only focuses on SOPs and Processes, but we are dedicated to maintaining fair business practices with those we work worth. One case in point is our relationship with our Farmers. Too many stories of predatory practices that end up bad for them. We at GLA inherently have a respect for our farmers and develop a solid relationship based on fair business practices and integrity. Its simple, if the Farmer can be transparent and grow high quality Hemp or what is expected, we will purchase it at a fair or above price. We understand the hard work it takes to grow and care for these plants, so their hard work never goes unappreciated at GLA. 

Our Commitment To Regulations

As this industry is growing by leaps and bounds, we are hearing and experiencing the same story over and over. It is a story of people being taken advantage of, a story of non-transparency, a story of cutting corners and asking for forgiveness later. We at GLA started this company with a change in the industry in mind. We are doing it right from the beginning to make sure we confidently and deliver consistent, safe, and high-quality products by following both strict internal and government regulated requirements and SOPs. Although the processing of industrial hemp may have loopholes and many grey areas, we at GLA have decades of manufacturing experience to put in place the safeguards and internal regulations now which we feel the government will soon enforce.

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